Incubation Packs

Incubation Packs

What are savENRG® Incubation Packs?

savENRG® Incubation Packs are manufactured using a paraffin-based phase change material (PCM). This material solidifies as the surrounding temperature drops from 37°C to 30°C (98.6°F to 86°F) releasing heat and then melts as the temperature rises from 30°C to 37°C (86°F to 98.6°F) absorbing heat.

Why are savENRG® Incubation Packs better than activated heat packs?

savENRG® Incubation Packs work best in the range of 30°C to 37°C (86°F to 98.6°F) while activated heat packs have no specific temperature control and can range from 50°C to 80°C (122°F to 176°F) or even higher.

savENRG® Incubation Packs are reusable for thousands of cycles with no degradation of their specific temperature performance. Activated heat packs are a “single use only” solution and create uncontrolled heat only as long as the charcoal solution within the pack oxidizes. savENRG® Incubation Packs safely keep biological specimens at body temperature during storage and transport with a very controlled performance.

When to use savENRG® Incubation Packs:

Certain mammalian cells, blood specimens including cold agglutinins, cryoglobulins, Tuberculosis test samples, and other blood cultures need to remain at body temperature during transport. These products are often shipped overnight using a courier service and have a high likelihood of exposure to extreme ambient temperatures. Cooling to ambient temperatures or uncontrolled heating may result in the death of micro-organisms within the test samples. The use of savENRG® Incubation Packs can ensure products remain in the body temperature range during transit.

Features of savENRG® Incubation Packs:

  • Environmentally safe oil based organic PCM
  • An energy saving, sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal-based chemical heat packs for incubation transport applications
  • Tested for consistent stability over multiple uses for thousands of cycles

Standard Range for savENRG® Incubation Packs:

Model Number Type PCM Weight Dimensions Units per Case Case Weight
OM37P-5X6-150 Pouch 5oz / 150g 5” X 6” X 0.4” 50 20 lbs

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