Industry Challenges

The three main challenges faced
within the laboratory cold chain are:

1. Exposure to extreme ambient temperatures
2. Transportation delays and breakdowns
3. Disrupted temperature control

The laboratory industry reports four
categories of test failures:

1. Lab Processing Failure
2. Specimen Did Not Meet Quality Metrics
3. Contamination Detected
4.  Mosaic Aneuploidy Detected

Industry Challenges Related to Transportation

The failure category of “specimen did not meet quality metrics” is associated with compromised temperature stability and transit time during sample transportation. Failures such as clotted blood samples or degraded DNA/RNS samples are commonly reported.

How to reduce specimen rejection for refrigerated samples with savENRG® cool packs

Refrigerated samples need to be maintained at temperature conditions of 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 47°F) from the collection point to a diagnostic laboratory. These specimens are shipped overnight using a courier service and are likely to be exposed to extreme low temperatures in transit during winter. A regular gel pack will not protect the product from overcooling below 2°C (36°F) if the parcel is exposed to low temperatures. The savENRG® Cool Pack utilizes a phase change material that solidifies at 5°C (41°F) and efficiently keeps the specimen above 2°C (36°F) in the winter.

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart

Our team at RGEES has been specializing in phase change materials since 2009. Our expertise in cold chain refrigerants and thermal shippers for the healthcare industries earned RGEES 1st place at the IQPC 2015 Cold Chain Global Forum for the “Best Cost Effective Project”. We strive to provide our customers in North America with the perfect balance of sustainability, affordability and product performance. It begins with our production capabilities, carrying through to warehousing and shipping, while our efficient quality management system allows for continuous improvement.

Our services work to prevent temperature excursion related specimens. We offer:

  • Product customization and white label
  • Capability to process small lot order sizes
  • Convenient online ordering for standard inventory products
  • Compliance to ISTA standards